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When you are considering a 1031 exchange, one of the biggest hurdles you face is finding suitable replacement property that both meets your needs and the stringent IRS requirements of “like kind” for purposes of an exchange. In an ideal world, an investor would find appropriate replacement property before the relinquished property is ever sold. But the world is not ideal, and many exchanges begin before replacement property is ever identified.

If you are an investor with sale proceeds already being held by a qualified intermediary, the clock is ticking on identifying and purchasing replacement property. When time is of the essence, working with a skilled and experienced 1031 real estate specialist – who has a nationwide network of properties at his fingertips – is the best way to find your next investment and meet IRS requirements to ensure a valid 1031 exchange.

With more than 10 years’ expertise in all aspects of 1031 exchanges, Dr. Robert Hetsler is an excellent choice to help you find and close on the perfect replacement property – no matter what stage of the exchange you’re in. His services as a qualified intermediary are unmatched in the industry, and his investment real estate acumen is equally superb. His priority is always to ensure you are matched with the best investments that suit your best interests.

To learn more about how he and his global network of real estate professionals can help you find your next investment property, visit our sister site – 1031 Exchange Replacement Property today.