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Now is an excellent time to take advantage of our superior 1031 qualified intermediary exchange services and enjoy an exceptionally discounted fee.

To qualify for this unique offer, just utilize one of our preferred realtors (available in every city and state across the U.S. as well as many foreign countries) to find and purchase your replacement property. Alternatively, if you’ve already found a replacement property and don’t yet have a broker, contact our office and we will connect you with a qualified broker and also verify that the proposed property qualifies as 1031 exchange property. When you use the realtor services from someone in our preferred network, you qualify for the rebate. That’s all it takes.

How does our rebate program work? It is simple and stress-free. When you use a broker in our preferred network, we receive 15% – 25% of the broker fees when the sale on the property closes. To reward you for your business, we will share some of those referral fees with you in the form of a rebate that represents 25% of the broker fees we receive (up to a maximum of $500).

If you replacement property is going to be $600,000 or more, and you utilize one of our preferred brokers, you can earn a rebate back for the full exchange amount of $575.  Call Dr. Hetsler for complete details at 866-570-1031 or email him directly at

For example, let’s say you plan to purchase a replacement property for $300,000. Your preferred broker’s commission on that transaction is 3% (this rate may vary depending on property type and number of other brokers involved in the transaction). Your preferred broker will receive a $9,000 commission on the sale, and provide us with 20% ($1,800) of that amount in recognition of our referral to the broker. Of the $1,800 we receive, we will then give you 25% ($450) as a rebate in the form of either a check or a credit back to your credit card.

There’s never been a better time for you to benefit from our Qualified Intermediary services and enjoy incredible savings, too.